About Us

We are passionately driven to craft the nation’s best Restaurant Table Tops, Community Tables & Bar Tops that last….

TimeWorn Wood is a family-owned and operated company. You can find our wood restaurant tables and products everywhere from small coffee shops and bistros to large restaurants, stadiums, offices, hotels, colleges, and museums throughout the country. No matter where you live, it’s safe to bet that you’ve shared a meal, a drink, or a conversation over our tables before.

Our team of woodworkers and craftsmen bring a wide range of talents and backgrounds to the table. Collectively, more than a century of experience in construction, interior design, architecture, custom metal fabrication, commercial deconstruction and reclaimed wood processing.

Brought together by our passion for finely crafted wood, our collective vision is to share our love of wood by delivering top-quality wood restaurant table tops, bar tops & communal tables that people can enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

Amanda Groebner, Boss of Everything

Amanda, as the co-owner of TimeWorn Wood since 2009, has been instrumental in the company’s journey, beginning her collaboration with Jared in 2005 in the construction of custom log and timber frame homes. She is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, with a focus on Historic Restoration, from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a testament to her passion for beautifully crafted furniture and their historical significance.

Raised on a working farm, Amanda’s earliest memories are filled with sketches of furniture designs and floor plans, a pastime that foreshadowed her future career. Her father, a farmer, and a jack-of-all-trades, involved her in various projects instilling skills she would later use daily in her profession. The time spent on farm chores, especially in and around their picturesque barn, sparked her imagination about the stories old wood could tell.

Amanda’s comprehensive role at TimeWorn Wood is aptly summarized in her title. She is the linchpin of the operation, overseeing and executing a multitude of tasks too long to list, but a short version includes: sourcing lumber, inventory management, shipping, estimating, drafting, sales, and often being the primary point of contact for most, if not all, of TimeWorn’s clientele. This multifaceted role cements her as the “Boss of Everything” at the company, a title she upholds with dedication and expertise.

Jared Groebner, Head Dude

Jared is the co-owner of TimeWorn Wood, established in 2009. He brings extensive experience in utilizing reclaimed wood for log and timber frame home construction from 2004 to 2009. Prior to that, he was a custom home builder from 1997 to 2004. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, which he obtained between 1992 and 1996, underlining his deep understanding of design and construction. 

From his earliest moments, construction has been an integral part of his life; his mother actually went into labor with him while assisting his father in the deconstruction of a house. Growing up, he dedicated his youth to sports and helping his father, including tasks such as staking out house foundations for excavation and assisting in the crafting of custom cabinets during the winter months. His father, a master carpenter, honed his craft for 45 years, undoubtedly imparting invaluable skills and knowledge to him.

Jared is head of the production and finishing teams and leads the company’s product research, product development, and advertising.  With his deep appreciation for all things wood and a knack for finding beauty where others assume waste, Jared’s passion inspires creativity and enthusiasm in the shop.

LOCATION:  Our entire sales and production operation is located in a rural Minnesota setting, situated 15 miles east of Willmar or 81 miles west of Minneapolis. Our facility is comprised of a 6-acre site that includes a pre-production shop, a production shop, and a shipping & finishing shop for a total working space of over 20,000 s.f.